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One-on-One .hack RP Partners

Hi there, I'm posting in a search for some individuals to RP .hack with me over IMs or E-mail or something, I've allways liked the setting, but I don't think I could write canons well, so I would prefer us both to use OCs I have a rather unique idea in mind, wiht a charactar of mine.

For this Idea I prefer if we set in The World R2 era, however I would definitely be open to R1 if we set it in SIGN era (my idea kinda facilitates PKing being legal.) the only difference is I'd have to change my character from a Shadow Warlock to a Wavemaster. Also, I like slash/yaoi so please keep that in mind.

Anyhow, read behind the cut for general plot idea information and more on my character!

 Okay, I have a shy little Shadow Warlock (or Wavemaster if we are doing R1) that plays the game as a escape from how much he has a hard time fitting in at school in real life and constantly gets bullied, now, since The World R:2 (or SIGN-era R1) is a PvP game, he gets bullied in the game, too. the thing is, something I wanted to explore was the whole "VR" thing and how player who'd "grief" a weaker player like my character can make it feel like real life bullying or assault because of the immersive VR feedback of the game, even the feel of the other players pushing him, pinning and holding him in place, rolling him, kicking him, and of course, attacking him with their weapons, scares him, and let's just say the guys who do that really enjoy tormenting him and seem to derive a bit of sick pleasure from his humiliation, which could be quite real. finally leading up to a PK once said e-bullies suceed in..... making him cry, suceeding in causing him some real-world mental anguish. Some of the players who grief him even would go so far as to lick his face or the like to add in some sexual insecurity VR feedback. (in the context of a normal online game, would be a harmless emote, but in the .hack universe.....) That said, my character tries not to let these experiences destroy him.

When he's not playing the game, he has a real passion for writing in his journal and drawing, and he's pretty open about liking guys (or what he THINKS are guys.), though he generally feels more comfortable about not hiding in the closet when he's playing the game, because most will probably just assume he's "trolling", although it can definitely still get him in hot water sometimes if they take it too seriously. ironically the VR component that causes him so much suffering is what keeps him coming back, he enjoy the feeling of the escapism and he loves to just explore and have freedom. loving to find an area he likes and just look at clouds, or just quietly think, or take a nap.

If any of you would be interested in one-o-one plotting in the .hack universe with this idea, please shoot me a comment or a PM with how we can hook up, or shoot me an e-mail at, or reach me at my AIM at Granis255
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